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The Drip Store is a marketplace to purchase Drippies™ Ecosystem collectibles, in real life form or NFTs. Stake your Drippies - Spent your $DRIP -

$DRIP Utility

Solana Ecosystem

  • Drippies™ will actively be seeking & responding to opportunities to integrate $DRIP utility into major projects in the Solana Ecosystem.
  • Examples Include:
    • PvP & P2E NFT Games
    • Accepted Currency in Marketplaces

Discount NFTs

NFTs that can be exchanged along with other tokens to purchase Drip Store items at a discount


Community members will be able to buy and sell their Drippies™ NFT for $DRIP on our marketplace

IRL Collectibles & Fashion

Limited collection of luxury Drippies™ toys, collectibles, fashion, jewelry and more will be offered for purchase in the future.

Raffle Tickets

NFTs and other items will be purchased using the treasury funds and raffled off to holders using $DRIP

Drippies™ original and community 1/1 Art Pieces

Drippies™ aims to provide quality art education through workshops. Additionally will provide a platform for creative community members to showcase their talent and art. Drippies™ art from both the creators and community members will be auctioned off for $DRIP.

The Future

  • Workshop Guest Tickets
  • Metaverse & IRL Event Tickets
  • New Drippies™ NFT Collections
  • And much more!
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